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President Benigno Aquino III’s State Visit to Canada

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On May 7th, 2015, President Benigno Aquino III of the Philippines made a historic visit to Canada on a three-city tour that saw the signing of significant bilateral agreements that will encourage greater trade between Canada and the Philippines, increased security, and development opportunities aimed at reducing poverty in the Philippines.

President Aquino’s trip began with a red carpet welcome at Ottawa International Airport, where he was greeted by Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicolson, International Trade Minister Ed Fast, and Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.

The president was then officially welcomed to Rideau Hall by His Excellency the Right Hon. David Johnson, the Governor General of Canada, and the Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of National Defence and Minister for Multiculturalism.Aquino Photo 1


In the afternoon, Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomed President Aquino to the House of Commons for a joint press conference where they announced key initiatives that will deepen the strong Canada-Philippines bilateral relations, including launching exploratory discussing towards a free trade agreement (FTA) and to work towards upgrading the existing Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA). These initiatives will give Canadian businesses increased opportunities for growth in the Asia-Pacific region.




Minister of International Development and Minister for La Francophonie, Christian Paradis, and his Filipino counterpart signed an important framework that outlines the commitments of both governments toward reducing poverty in Philippines.


Aquino Photo 2

President Aquino and the Filipino delegation were joined by Prime Minister Harper and many Parliamentarians and Senators, including Senator Tobias C. Enverga, Canada’s first Senator of Filipino descent, as they continued their visit to Toronto and Vancouver. President Aquino attended a community event at Roy Thomson Hall where he spoke to several thousand members of Canada’s 800,000 strong Filipino community. At this event, Prime Minister Harper announced that Philippines was the number one source country for immigrant to Canada in 2014.


It was a pleasure to welcome President Aquino to Canada. During his highly productive visit we were pleased to announce several important bilateral initiatives in the areas of commerce, development and security that will benefit citizens in both countries. His visit also provided an opportunity to introduce the President to Canada’s hard working Filipino communities and highlight some of their major contributions to the fabric of our society,” said Prime Minister Harper.

Aquino Photo 3

Finally, Minister Kenney welcomed President Aquino to Vancouver, on behalf of the Government of Canada. On his arrival, President Aquino presented Minister Kenney with a gift of a favorite Filipino snack, Chicharrón. They then addressed a gathering of the Filipino community to close out this historic visit by highlighting the strong and growing friendship between Canada and the Philippines.

Aquino Photo 4

The Office of the Hon. Jason Kenney, PC, MP

Calgary Southeast

President Benigno Aquino III Toronto Visit on May 8

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President Benigno Aquino is popular among Filipino-Canadians for his efforts to tackle corruption and build the economy. (Ted Aljibe/AFP/Getty Images)

President Aquino’s bilateral visit to Canada will provide an opportunity for both leaders to reaffirm the close relationship between Canada and the Philippines, based on strong people-to-people ties. Discussions between the two leaders will focus on expanding trade and investment, as well as cooperation on a range of issues, including development and countering threats to regional and global security. As Chair of APEC in 2015, the Philippines shares Canada’s commitment to fostering the participation of small- and medium- sized enterprises in the global economy. The two leaders will also meet with members of Canada’s vibrant Filipino community.

If you are interested to join us and meet the President, please REGISTER here.


This Is Our Flag, These Are Our People

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Canadian 50 Flag Celebration

On February 13, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario set out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Canadian flag in a big way. Thank you for being a part of the commemoration of this important milestone for our country.

If you haven’t already heard, human flag photograph is available for viewing and downloading on our website:

Photographer Edward Burtynsky and the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

Additionally, on the “behind the scenes” section of the site, you will find a link to video and photos taken during the event. We encourage you to download and share, as you should rightly be proud to have participated in this historic occasion.

FCAV represented by Erlinda Insigne and Lurvie DeBlois.

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario                                                                                                                 Queen’s Park Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1

Honourable Peter Kent Visit

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Peter Kent

SNAP Vaughan East has been published! You can view and share the photos online here:

FCAV Gala Night Photos – August 16, 2014

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Courtesy of Frank Miele

Wishes from the Government of Canada and Parliament

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We thank the Government of Canada and Parliamentarians for their warm wishes on our 116th anniversary of Philippine Independence.

Event Image Canadian Flag






Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Philippine Independence Day:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on Philippine Independence Day:

“Today, I extend warm wishes to the people of the Philippines and to all Filipinos in Canada and around the world celebrating the 116th anniversary of Philippine Independence.

“Our country is home to one of the largest Filipino communities in the world, with well over half a million people identifying themselves as Filipino-Canadians.

“The Filipino community continues to make enormous contributions to our country in many areas of endeavour, helping to build a stronger and more prosperous Canada while further improving our bilateral relationship with the Philippines.

“I remember the warm welcome I received during my first visit to the Philippines in 2012, where I expressed our Government’s commitment to deepening the friendship between our two countries.

“I was particularly pleased with the way the Government of Canada, the Filipino-Canadian community and the Government of the Philippines worked together to address the tragic aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan on Panay Island and other affected areas last year. The Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund was a success and I am proud of Canadians’ generosity and the role they played – together with our Government and Canadian charities and organizations – in helping the people of the Philippines recover from the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan.

“On behalf of the Government of Canada, I wish all those celebrating today a very happy Philippine Independence Day.”

Minister Kenney Issues Statement to Celebrate Philippine Independence Day:

“Today, I extend my best wishes to Filipinos in Canada and around the world as they celebrate Philippine Independence Day.

“It was 116 years ago today that the Filipino people proclaimed independence from more than three centuries of Spanish colonial rule. On this day we celebrate the independent, optimistic and vibrant spirit of the Filipino people, and we commemorate the sacrifices of their national heroes.

“Canada benefits from a hard-working and growing Filipino community. The Philippines is one of the largest source countries for newcomers to Canada, and Tagalog is Canada’s fastest growing language. Canadians of Filipino origin are making tremendous contributions to our country’s success.

“Moreover, Canada continues to strengthen our friendship with the Philippines, as demonstrated by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Manila in 2012, and more recently by our contribution to recovery efforts following the tragedy of Hurricane Haiyan.

“As Minister for Multiculturalism, I encourage all Canadians to join with their Filipino neighbours in celebrating Philippine Independence Day and learning more about our country’s vibrant Filipino community.



Statements in the House of Commons from Members of Parliament Marking Philippine Independence Day:

Mark Adler, Member for York Centre (CPC):

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Today I’m pleased to welcome a delegation of Filipinos from across Ontario to Parliament Hill to celebrate the 116th anniversary of Philippine independence. The visit was marked by the flag of the Philippines being raised on Parliament Hill as songs were sung and children danced. We are so fortunate in Canada to have so many Canadians of Filipino descent. In fact my riding of York Centre has one of the largest Filipino communities in Canada. They are a community of great warmth, strong family values, and hard work, and we welcome them all to our Canadian family. This was demonstrated no better than when Typhoon Yolanda struck the Philippines devastating the country and causing substantial loss of life. Families were uprooted from their homes. Canadians and our Government rallied behind our Canadian Filipino family with financial assistance to the tune of $170 million. It is a testament to the Filipino community that so many Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds donated to help their Filipino friends and neighbours. On behalf of the residents of York Centre, I say (speaking alternate language).

Andrew Saxton, Member for North Vancouver (CPC): 

On June 12th Filipino Canadians across the country celebrate a very special occasion: Philippine independence day. And today marks the 116th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine independence from Spanish colonial rule. In my riding of North Vancouver, we host the largest Philippines independence day festival in British Columbia, organized by the Metro Vancouver Philippine arts and cultural exposition society. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity and rich cultural heritage of the Philippines. Booths filled with tantalizing aromas from traditional food and drinks, offer everything from chicken adobo to sweet pastry. Local businesses showcase products and services making it another great opportunity for the whole community to come together. This is a wonderful day to spend with family and friends, an important day to celebrate the strong ties that our two nations share. Having recently visited Manila, I can say more than ever just how similar our values of freedom, peace and democracy are. To all, I say (speaking alternate language).

Official Flag Raising – 116th Anniversary Philippine Independence Day

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Event Image

    Filipino Day Flyer 061014    
    Location: Vaughan City Hall Courtyard   
   June 15, 2014 at 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM 
Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Members of Council joined the Filipino Canadian Association of Vaughan and special guests at a   flag-raising ceremony to mark Sunday, June 9 as Filipino Day and to commemorate the 115th anniversary of Philippine Independence Day.
The City of Vaughan is a twin city of Baguio, Philippines.

Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Members of Council with representatives of the Filipino Canadian Association of Vaughan

Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Members of Council with representatives of the Filipino Canadian Association of Vaughan

Philippine Heritage Band performed in the Civic Square at City Hall in celebration of Filipino Day.

Philippine Heritage Band performed in the Civic Square at City Hall in celebration of Filipino Day.

Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Members of Council with representatives of the Filipino Canadian Association of Vaughan

Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Members of Council with representatives of the Filipino Canadian Association of Vaughan

More Photos:

The pictures at the Filipino Day in Vaughan can be viewed at: Inspirasyon Photo .

To view, Click View Your Event Photos, then Click Flag Raising. Should you want any or some of the pictures, please contact: Ino Sanchez, Tel: 647-893-8847; email:


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Sponsorship Souvenir Program Letter

Advertisement Contract

Ticket Orders

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About Dementia

To better understand the impact of dementia and missing incidents to family caregivers, we encourage you to watch and share this short documentary about our kababayan Rosita Dela Cruz and her husband, Juanito, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease 14 year ago:

The Alzheimer Society of Ontario, in partnership with the Government of Ontario, is expanding the award-winning Finding Your WayTM   program by reaching out to Arabic, Filipino, Tamil and Urdu communities. The multicultural safety awareness initiative for people with dementia who may go missing or become lost is now available in 12 languages, helping society as a whole better understand some of the behaviours associated with the disease and in turn providing tools to deal with the risk of going missing.

Finding Your Way is an award-winning program by the Alzheimer Society of Ontario that helps keep people with dementia safe. The program is now made available in additional languages including Tagalog. The Tagalog campaign,

Hanapin ang Iyong Daan , was launched in February  at the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre. Materials and resources are now available for the Filipino community and can be found online:

Why is it important to educate the Filipino community about dementia?

The risks of people going missing are greater when the community, caregivers or people with dementia themselves are unaware of the potentially severe consequences.

  • Preparation and planning are crucial to prevent people with dementia from going missing, and to ensure they are found safely and quickly. Currently, there is very little awareness of missing incidents in our communities and many people do not know where to seek help.

Anyone who has dementia and is able to walk is at risk of going missing

  • Statistics show that three out of five people with dementia will go missing at some point.[1]
  • 50 per cent of those who go missing for 24 hours risk serious injury or death from exposure, hypothermia and drowning.[2]
  • 75 per cent of people who go missing are found within 2.4 kilometers from where they disappeared.

[1], Alzheimer’s Association

[2] Search is an Emergency, Alzheimer Society of Canada

Shared by: Thessa Sandoval, Media Consultant for Alzheimer Society of Ontario Focus Communications

POSTED: March 17, 2015


PM Announces Government contribution to the Typhoon HAIYAN relief fund for the Philippines

Typhoon HAIYAN Relief Fund


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Help build and establish the Filipino Canadian Cultural Centre of Vaughan – a lasting    legacy that will benefit our children and generations to come.

  • A cultural centre that will help nurture and educate future generations our  cultural traditions, our traits and the values that distinguish us and make us   strong as a people.
  • A centre that would help establish a meeting place where we can gather together  for family and social events.
  • A centre that would provide help, assistance and services for newcomers, the   unemployed, the seniors and the youth.
  • A centre that would enable Filipino-Canadian community to cooperate and work with other community groups, government agencies and business institutions to improve our lives and contribute to the betterment of this city, this province and this great country.