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Official Reopening of Patricia Kemp Com Ctre & Twinning Anniversary

November 3rd, 2016 | Posted by fcav in News Updates - (Comments Off on Official Reopening of Patricia Kemp Com Ctre & Twinning Anniversary)

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Official Reopening of Patricia Kemp Com Ctre and Twinning Anniversary

November 3rd, 2016 | Posted by fcav in News Updates - (Comments Off on Official Reopening of Patricia Kemp Com Ctre and Twinning Anniversary)

On October 22, 2016, the Filipino-Canadian Association of Vaughan (FCAV) celebrated the Official Reopening of Patricia Kemp Community Centre (PKCC).  At the same time, FCAV commemorated the 19th Anniversary of Twinning between the City of Vaughan (Canada) and Baguio City (Philippines).

The event took place at PKCC, 7894 Dufferin St., Vaughan, on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016 at 2-6 p.m. There was ribbon cutting, live entertainment, facility tour, vendors and food.

The occasion was attended by the Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor City of Vaughan and Members of Council, Hon.  Peter Kent, MP for Thornhill, MPP Gila Martow, FCAV members, Frank Miele, Stephen Lecce and the community at large.

For the past two years, FCAV has been diligently renovating PKCC to provide services to the community at large. As part of their lease agreement with the City of Vaughan, FCAV has spent over $275,000 to date in improving PK’s accessibility for our community including a new elevator, a new universal washroom, a renovated kitchen, new air conditioning for the gym and many other smaller capital projects. Erlinda Insigne, president FCAV, noted that it has been a difficult two years but through a lot of hard work, they did it.

FCAV procured a 20-year lease of PKCC from the City of Vaughan after a long period of negotiation. PKCC is the home of FCAV; a building where the activities of the Friendship Agreement take place; an office of Glen Shields Soccer Club who is a sub-tenant; a practice facility of Philippine Heritage Band who is a sub-tenant and a Centre for the community at large.

Likewise, for the past 19 years, FCAV has been promoting the objectives of the Friendship Agreement, namely, cultural, social, educational exchanges and economic opportunities between the two sister cities – Vaughan and Baguio. FCAV was instrumental in the realization of the Friendship Agreement. On October 22, a business delegation headed by Cora dela Cruz, executive director, Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines visited Vaughan to explore the aquaculture industry.

FCAV thank Mayor Bevilacqua and Members of Council for their support; MP Kent for assisting the elevator grant; MPP Gila Martow for helping in the OTF grant; donors and volunteers for their extraordinary support.

FCAV also thank its Board of Directors who support its president all the way particularly to Frank Miele, project leader, who led the renovation undertaking, Deanna who organized the event and invited vendors; Jackie and son Vittoro who vacuumed and arranged pictures; Bernie, Gloria, Narding, Mina, Susan, Karina, Lurvie who cleaned and

painted, Rey donated the installation of foyer tiles; Julie replaced awning and fixed door; and all who helped including students.  Thank you!