Filipino-Canadian Association of Vaughan (FCAV)


The Filipino Canadian Association of Vaughan has been serving the Filipino-Canadians in the York region for over 20 years. It has programs for seniors, youth, new-comers and is looking to provide additional services to serve the growing Filipino-Canadians in the region of York for the next 20 years from the Patricia Kemp Community Centre. One of the association’s greatest achievements was the establishing of the agreement that resulted in the twinning of the cities of Vaughan and Baguio also known as the Friendship Agreement. Patricia Kemp Community Centre will house the activities of the Friendship Agreement.

With great opportunities come great challenges. The Patricia Kemp Community Centre  continuously need renovations and  improved facilities to accommodate community, sports and social events.

You can donate by cash or check or e-transfer to

By Cash: send it to Ms. Mina Benesa

By Check: Write check Payable to FCCAV and mail at PKCC attention to Mina Benesa

PKCC, Patricia Kemp Community Centre at 7894 Dufferin Street, Vaughan ON L4K 1R6


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