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Christmas celebration and Mr. Frank Miele

December 7th, 2016 | Posted by fcav in News Updates - (Comments Off on Christmas celebration and Mr. Frank Miele)

On December 3, the members of the Filipino-Canadian Association of Vaughan (FCAV) celebrated Christmas and took time to appreciate the blessings that they enjoy over the years. They have been fortunate to have Patricia Kemp Community Centre leased by the City of Vaughan for their use and other community use in the next 20 years.

The climax of the celebration was the recognition of the First Honourary FCAV Member which was awarded to Mr. Frank Miele, former City of Vaughan Commissioner of Economic Development who was instrumental in the successful twinning project between Vaughan and Baguio in 1997, and has since contributed countless volunteer hours to the FCAV as its trusted advisor for numerous infrastructure projects, government applications, special fundraising events s and other project management activities of FCAV.

fmiele-grp-pic3-120316 frank-award-officers1 frank-mbd1 Mr. Miele is the first recipient of this prestigious award and he will enjoy, among others, a free lifetime FCAV membership.